It’s coming near that time of year where people tend to ease off training , ease…

It’s coming near that time of year where people tend to ease off training , ease off eating well & yes it’s a festive time of year and I enjoy this time too but remember stay focused on Yourself and well being.

Once again I’m talking from experience just because I’m a coach doesn’t mean I don’t like a party myself but it has to be in moderation.

I have had a very active 2 years enjoying myself and probably if I’m honest going too mad BUT I have managed to contain again.

It is very easy to party too hard the after effects are a lot worse though.

You think your having a good time but it’s a very false time it’s not reality.

I see a lot of people going out particularly this time of year and getting themselves in debt with too many heavy nights out

I’m not being a party pooper but just take a step back and really look at things sometimes you know your not in a good place.

Remember though no matter who you are it’s ok to talk to someone to sort yourself out.

I also want to give a shout out to anyone who has lost loved ones at this time of year it’s an extremely hard thing to deal with but instead of struggling if anyone needs a chat please feel free to contact me or one of the team at Iron gym Lisburn sometimes a friendly chat can help and get you back on track.

Over the Christmas period I am taking a short time off and I will be offering a few classes for free as an incentive to get you guys into the gym , I will be covering Boxing , Circuit training and fitness based work … I was thinking of even doing a park boot camp day for free for you guys that need help or just company.

I’ve always been taught in life it’s not always about taking of others it’s about giving back and showing respect.

I’ll keep u guys updated about the complimentary classes on offer over the Christmas period.


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